Our Story

The Brandeis Patchwork Garden was started in the Fall of 2009, as a project in the Greening Class taught by Professor Laura Goldin. The garden is now an integral part of NaturaLiving, a healthy living club at Brandeis.

From Garden

The Patchwork Garden is located between first-year residence halls and the three chapels. It includes three raised beds with removable coldframes for growing salad greens, garlic and herbs, as well as a berry thicket.

Building raised beds and coldframes required significant research into the agriculture and architecture of New England, as well as environmentally sustainable and non-toxic materials. Once we obtained the administration's approval of a campus garden space and the tools, we secured funding and material donations.

We partnered with local non-profit Healthy Waltham, an organization dedicated to promoting healthy eating in local public schools.

The garden continues to grow and thrive, in every sense of the word.